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How to fix OneDrive synchronization issues on Mac?

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

OneDrive synchronization issues on Mac

Here you can find all the instructions related to setup, install and activate MS Office suite on your Mac. You only need to visit office site, and log in to your Microsoft account. Enter your product key on to download and install MS Office setup.

Steps to sync OneDrive in Mac

In case, you are having difficulties while getting OneDrive on the web, go to the Service Health entrance and check the status of Microsoft Office Online Services. Once you gain access to OneDrive on web, try to perform the following instruction. These steps will help synchronize your OneDrive application with your computer.

1. Exit OneDrive Application

2. Find One Drive in your Applications organizer.

3. Right-click and select “Show bundled substance”.

4. Navigate into the Contents/Resources envelope.

5. Double tap on ResetOneDriveApp.command or ResetOneDriveStandaloneApp.command.

6. Start One Drive and complete the setup procedure.

If you find any issues while performing the steps, immediately contact Microsoft customer care services and get technical advice to resolve the issue.

Is it possible to purchase MS Office suite offline?

Microsoft office suites provide easy-to-work applications and features in the productivity department that you might want to purchase it. Although, there are many online options available to make your purchase. However, some people prefer to exercise the traditional way of visiting offline stores to discuss the features and prices of the product in person. In case, you want to purchase the product online to save your time and travel expenses.

In case, you find any disturbance or error that might halt the progress of your MS Office installation, you may visit and download specific tools to help deploy the Office setup on your device.

Major causes of errors while installing Office setup

It is quite annoying when the errors and messages often pop-up on your screen while installing Office setup. It means you might have disregarded the system requirements to download and install Office setup. Sometimes, the problems occur due to wrong websites from which you try to log in your account. You might have entered incorrect login credentials or incorrect product key. Sometimes, the error might appear due to the poor internet connection.

Errors might occur if the device on which you are installing Office setup does not meet the system requirements, or does not support operating system. Sometimes, pre-installed programs might conflict with your Office setup installer.

Though, there is a solution for every problem, but we must look carefully to identify the issue. If there is a network or system error, then you might need the help of an expert. You need to hire someone with extensive experience in dealing with such issues. Also, run a full system scan to detect the issue.

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